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The Secret Corridor

Danelle Julienne

What if it were possible to create a better future by sealing off the past—permanently? Seven years ago, this question set in motion a daring operation that resulted in a devastating loss for the agents of the Collective. The magical rebel order had finally managed to free the future from the dark grip of Zahlamaer—a centuries-old magician with a dangerous mastery of time travel, earth energy, and mind control—but their youngest and bravest agent, Ian Holtfield, was trapped in the past, seemingly forever. Then one night, the time travel corridor is mysteriously reopened, and the swampy southern town where twelve-year-old Mitch Scarlett lives becomes the center of a supernatural struggle to control a magical art on the verge of extinction. The granddaughter of a small-town illusionist, Mitch spends her days dodging bullies at school and nosing around the old books her grandfather keeps locked away in the attic. But after a strange encounter with a man whose amber eyes look a lot like her own, the family secrets start coming out: the reason for her parents’ disappearance, the home she never knew she had, and the magical powers that were stolen from her. As Mitch is drawn deeper into the world of the Collective, boring school days give way to a bold rescue mission with a motley group of new friends. Through backwoods bayous and New Orleans cemeteries to royal French courts and Babylonian gardens, a timeless flow of magic pulls Mitch and her Collective of magicians back into the twisted orbit of an ancient enemy. The Secret Corridor: A Tale from Time is a middle grade novel in weekly installments for readers who love magic, mystery, and time travel. Chapter 33: A New Mission concludes Season 1. Season 2 is scheduled for release in Fall 2023. Queries about the project can be sent to